Make The Switch From Big Box Retailers

To Patriot-Owned Businesses

In 1775

Patriotic Americans Walked Away From Businesses That Did Not Believe As We Did.


The Illusion of Choice

There are hundreds of consumer goods brands in our country, and the vast majority of these brands are owned and controlled by just a few mega-corporations. These companies include Proctor & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and S.C. Johnson & Johnson profited a combined $210 billion dollars in 2020.

A number of these corporations are so powerful that they exert a tremendous amount of control over society, politics, and the economy.

These corporations are so powerful that they wield an enormous amount of control over society, politics, and the economy.


The "Cost Of Goods"

Non-durable consumer goods are the items we purchase and run out of month after month for our entire lives. The items like toothpaste, dish soap, laundry detergent, lotion, soaps, etc. The boring stuff we hardly ever think about. By controlling the distribution of this category, mega-corporations have created a predictable model of cash flow based on our buying habits.


Fight Back

Invest in companies that uphold patriotic and conservative values that your family can respect, rather than supporting these mega-corporations with your purchases. We’ve partnered with a direct-to-consumer company that offers over 400 high-quality, sustainable, and effective products directly to your door.

Over the past 35 years, their company has relied on innovative scientific research to identify and amplify the benefits of naturally derived ingredients, and use these discoveries to create products that outperform national brands.

Their charitable giving has blessed literally millions of people across the globe in addition to creating hundreds of U.S. manufacturing jobs. Millions of dollars have been raised, millions of wellness products donated, thousands of tons of food collected, and supplies and additional aid provided during natural disasters.

Safe. Effective. Eco-Friendly. Affordable.

Bath And Body

Household And Laundry

Nutrition And Supplements


Skin Care And First Aid

Essential Oils

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